Enhance construction operations by tapping into tech

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With web and mobile applications, it’s easier and quicker to manage files and drawings, transfer data, perform on-site calculations, track finances, and report on labor and equipment hours.

  • Construction management software
  • Business process management applications
  • Custom blueprinting and modeling software


Repetitive tasks can be documented, transformed into a workflow, and automated to save business resources. Later, automated workflows can be connected into an autonomous, self-organizing system.

  • Microservices development
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business processes documentation


Companies use all sorts of applications and functionalities to run operations. Connect your software and departments with custom software to have a centralized management point.

  • API development and integration
  • A custom analytics platform
  • Third-party software integration

IoT apps

Smart devices and sensors are used in construction to facilitate workers’ safety, energy efficiency, equipment maintenance, and smart homes.

  • Smart home management apps
  • Sensors monitoring systems
  • IoT data management and processing


Retailers work with lots of systems: ERPs, CRMs, finance, logistics, analytics. Often, you want to connect all these systems so they work in sync. That’s where cross-integration can help.

  • Custom API development
  • API’s cross-connection
  • Integration of third-party services
  • Data processing

Privacy and security

Your customers don’t want to lose their privacy or – what’s worse – be robbed because of insecure transactions. But privacy and security are also about making users feel safe, building trust, and affinity.

  • Data encryption
  • Integration of safe payment gateways
  • Malware, phishing, and fraud protection
  • User experience audits and testing