Web Automation Testing with Selenium

CodeWox is a leading Selenium automation app testing company delivering quality websites and applications. We are a one-stop-shop for end-to-end Selenium testing services that include robust script development, test automation framework set up for web, mobile, & desktop applications, maintenance, and test automation training. Let's Talk


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Selenium Web App Automation Testing Services

Strategic Application Testing

We plan an automation process that depends on the app development stage, infrastructure analysis, and understanding challenges.

Google Cloud Development

Validate functionality, performance, network configuration, memory capacity, & compatibility with various platforms & devices.

Functional Test Automation

Hire Selenium testers who verify & validate functionalities for different conditions with great precision & accuracy.

Selenium Testing Consultation

Hire Selenium consultants who provide innovative automated testing services to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Automated Regression Testing

We provide automated regression testing for mobile applications, web services, APIs by re-running scripts to meet quality.

Testing Report Generation

Hire Selenium developers who use Extent API to generate regular and interactive automation test reports to resolve bugs at the earliest.

  • Automating the entire manual process for Insurance Agencies, Brokers, Firms
  • Seamless onboarding on new customers
  • Great user experience for the existing customers
  • Expand business network effectively.

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