Learning Management Solutions

We build effective E-Learning software solutions enhancing the learning experience. This helps users in the documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and student development programs.


Best suited for Educational Institutes, Private Tutors and Coaching staff and anyone who wants to teach people online. A Learning management solution for Educational Institutes, Corporates, Training centres to provide online access to course content, along with tools for tutor and learner to interact anytime anywhere on any device with compatibility of being mobile responsive.

Corporates can provide the training to Increase productivity with analytical tools to test the employee knowledge and how ready they are to face to customers and for production environment.

Features That Benefit All

All important features need to learn anywhere, anytime online

Hassle Free Dashboard

Feature-rich admin dashboard as you would want it with every minute detail accessible with few clicks.

Import & Export

Import, export and process the Learner records, billing records and various other reports.

Add Courses/Subjects

In a frequently changing environment to update preferences, this is a system to adapt to your needs.

Manage Enrolment/Fees

Manage Learners, fees along with enrolment of students and programs.

Live News Feed

Learners can view various newsfeeds like Tasks, Events, Course updates, etc.

Access Anytime Anywhere

Easily connect to fellow Learners and Tutors via portal anytime anywhere from any device.

Self Analysis

Track your individual learning progress report and monitor growth and consult with Tutors.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with fellow Learners from portal for groups, one to one and one to many messages, courses etc.

Assessment & Feedback

Peer to peer assessments and Tutor feedback for others to review.

Individual Dashboard

Personal dashboards to see insights about your activities.

Reusability Of Content

Ability to share content with Tutors and Learners for reusability.

Content Reusability

Automatic Content suggestions from already created resources.

Learner Engagement

Create Polls, surveys & discussion boards for Learners and fellow Tutors.


Grading, Scoring and Assessment with only a few clicks.


Feature to provide expert consultation in real-time via chat option with amazing eLearning solutions.

Document Organizer

Easily manageable and accessible tools with other learning materials aligned to industry standards.

Standardized Learning

Learning resources and student assessments are strictly aligned to eLearning industry standards.

  • Corporate training to all new employees in the organization
  • Communicate with all other learners in real time
  • Learn languages and skills sitting at home
  • Learners and Tutors can receive real time information through News Boards, Events etc. features.
  • Eliminate pain of providing traditional OnBoarding experience of new employees
  • Transfer and record Knowledge of employee who has resigned

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