Taxi and Cab Booking App Development

We will help you transform your ridesharing or taxi booking app idea to an awesome reality, expand it with complete automation, from cab bookings and payments to the total number of drivers and taxis, and generating reports.


Book your transportation within seconds just with a finger tap through this application. This app lets you select your arrival and destination location on the map using your mobile’s GPS services which makes it easier for the driver as well. It sends you a push notification giving you a complete detail of how far is the ride, how much time it will take, whether the ride has arrived or not and also asks for your feedback after the ride.

You can configure your credit/debit card or e-wallets with this app to make a quick and easy payment without going through the manual trouble. This app also lets you split your fare with another user by using its car pool services. It takes care of the payment division as well.

Important Features that gives you a quick travel solution

Maps And Location

Customers can easily use the maps and their mobile GPS to put in their departure and arrival destinations.

In-App Payments

Link your debit or credit cards, e-wallets & make quick and secure payments to boost overall experience.

Drivers Details

Get complete data about the driver, you can also put in your feedback about the ride for others to review it.

Token Purchase

Pre-authorized payment method, wallet linked to your Fare app account.

Link Friend

Refer a friend and get bonus tokens for your next ride.

Start/ End Trip

Option to start and end trip so as to have the exact timeline of the ride.

Push Notifications

Sends you notifications for offers, ride arrival, feedback ratings, etc.

Accept Trips

Gives the drivers a freedom to accept or reject trips.

Bonus/ Rewards

Drivers can get bonus or rewards on target rides.

Cancel Rides

For any reason, you can cancel the ride and not get charged.

Trip History

View previous trip history and ride performance for analysis.

Add Vehicle

Company can add or remove vehicles according to their preference.

Invite Drivers

Company can invite more drivers in the app with this feature.

View Driver’s Performance

You can review driver’s performance through client feedback.

Weekly Filter

This app provides weekly filtered reports to review performance.

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