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The fundamental functionality of JOX is to provide users a method for finding and scheduling sports game. This will be a social application that will leverage GPS to make finding local facilities, gyms, and teammates. There will be a calendar for scheduling events, a message system for in-app communication, a profile for individual users, and notification system for users for updates and requests


Features That Benefit All

All important features to learn anywhere, anytime online

Submit Posts With Text, Photo, Video

User can posts texts, photos or videos of specific events.

Like/Dislike All Posts On Your Wall

User can like/unlike posts in their newsfeed of people they are following.

Endorse Other Teammates Skill Sports

Reach out to members interested in sports or other physical activities.

Create A Group, Events And Add Friends

User can create groups, events and add friends to a specific group.

Receive Push Notifications On-The-Go

Users receive notifications related to their own profiles, friends or groups.

Send Messages To Group Or Friend

Sending messages is an easy process to share the details of events.


Follow/Unfollow friends or groups can be managed well.

Give Ratings

User can give feedback and ratings through this feature.

Manage Profile

User can manage their own profile, add photos, achievements, etc.

Manage Their Games State

Keep a track of individual and team game status in competitions.

Receive Notifications

Get notifications about happenings in your community on the app.


User can subscribe to events and newsletters to be updated.

View All Ratings/ Reviews

You can view and reply to the feedback provided by the users.

Manage Advertisement

The company can manage advertisements and endorsements


Users can easily manage subscriptions and newsletters.

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