Mobile Classroom for Students to Plan Homework

Mobile Classroom is best suited for schools, colleges, private coaching institutes and other fields where attendance, Homework, and collaboration is required between students, instructors, parents, and governing authority.


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Features That Benefit All

All important features to learn anywhere, anytime online


Parents can view child grades for different exams in real-time.

Time Table

Parents can view their child's School time table in real-time.


Parents can view and apply leave for their child in real-time.


Parents can send message or reply to teacher message.


Parents can get to view all the latest news about the school.


Parents can view Schools Events info and can RSVP.


Parents can view student's exam schedule on-the-go.

Exam Schedule

Parents can view their Child’s result including answer Sheet.


Admin can manage students and parents along with student class.


One single click based quick history.


Admin can manage Teachers and their subjects and class.


Admin can provide Role-based access to School Staff individually.

Calendar View

Admin will have Calendar View (Day/Week/Month).


Admin can manage all the content related to the school's news.


Admin can easily manage Exam and Class Timetable instantly.


Admin can easily manage Classrooms or standards from backend.


Admin can easily manage Subjects specifically for different classrooms.


Admin can manage events and activities of the schools.

Alerts & Communication

Admin can manage Alerts and message to schools.


Admin can view various reports about different users of the system.


Admin can manage attendance of the teachers and staff.

News Board

Important news of the institutions will be displayed on notice board.

To Do Management

Students can manage their To Dos with Priorities, start date and end date.

Time Table

Students can view subjects time table in day and week format.


Students can view individual or group homework assigned.

Grade Book

Students can view their respective grades managed by teachers.

Calendar View

Listed activities of respective users based on day, week or month view.

Exam Schedule

Students can instantly view their exam schedule anytime.

Request Leave

Students can easily manage and request leave and check the status.


Students can capture photos and combined into single PDF.


Students can annotate PDF, images & save to dropbox, Google Cloud.

Instant Chat

Students can chat with teacher or class group created by teachers.

Screen Broadcast

Student can Broadcast their screen with colleagues or teachers.

Interactive Whiteboard

Student can view the whiteboard shared by teacher.


Students can give the scheduled/surprise quiz.


Application will have inbuilt offline dictionary for any help required.

Memory Management

Application memory can by removing selected files and data.


Teacher can assign homework to class, group or an individual student.

Time Table

Teacher can manage timetable of the class or their subjects.

Grade Book

Teachers can monitor, view and manage grades of the students.

Manage Leaves

Teachers can approve or reject students' leaves easily.

Message Parents

Teacher can individually message to parent or broadcast to parents.

Manage Groups

Teacher can create Topic based group for discussion.

Screen Broadcast

Teacher can share app screen with the class, group or individual student.

Interactive Whiteboard

Teachers can share a whiteboard with the students instantly when needed.


Teacher can view and share various reports about students.

Manage Quiz

Teacher can easily manage Quizzes from the application.

Block Student

Teachers can Block specific students from using the application.

Memory Management

Application memory can by removing selected files and data.

  • Parents can constantly track progress of their child’s through this solution.
  • Teachers,Students and Parents can communicate with each other efficiently.
  • Remote classes can be conducted through Whiteboard and screen sharing.
  • Students can increase productivity by managing their tasks efficiently.
  • All users can have updated on time information through News and Events and broadcast.

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