Business Process Automation

Are you looking to boost the efficiency of your business process management model? Our experts will deliver just what you need - a full-fledged automation software that will cut down manual errors and increase overall productivity.


Companies therefore need new technologies that can shorten business acquisition cycle and enhance customer delight, thus producing greater up-sell & cross-sell opportunities. Comprehensive New Business Solution helps improve, accelerate, shorten the new business intake, and spurs faster processing of functions. Its end-to-end automation provides operational & decision making assistance to businesses, allowing them to efficiently manage risk and support multiple channels.

Process Management

Full automation of business process lifecycle, from pre-proposal activities to evaluation up till policy issuance.

Data Capture

Web/mobile based solution equipped with integrated component to capture data from multiple channels.


The solution offers an intuitive interface for image assisted data entry of the proposal form.

Standard Integration

Seamless integration with all peripheral applications as Policy Admin System, CRM system, etc.

Collaborative Dashboards

Interactive dashboards to monitor application movement in real-time, right from initiation to final issuance.

Exception Handling

Robust process management core to handle exceptions, perform system based checks identify exceptions.

  • Automating the entire manual process for Insurance Agencies, Brokers, Firms
  • Seamless onboarding on new customers
  • Great user experience for the existing customers
  • Expand business network effectively.

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